Who we are?

Who we are?

Global Trading Services specializes in Procurement Management, national and international commercialization of physical products.

The experience we have acquired allows us to anticipate your needs and at the same time, through innovative proposals and solutions provide comprehensive advice in all areas of the process, from location, price, shipping, receiving and post sales follow-up.

At GTS, we deal with broad and different fields of commercial production.

Our greatest experience is concentrated in sectors such as oil production, health, and food. In either case, we commercialize from industrial materials to consumer goods, through any other product classification.

GTS is supported by a wide network of global and local suppliers. This competitive advantage allows us to offer customers products and services of the quality demanded for the best market prices.

GTS understands that in an extremely competitive environment, it is critical that organizations have professionals capable of leading, planning and managing the purchases they require to achieve their business objectives.


To build strong relationships between suppliers and customers in order to promote

quality products and services that allow involved members to excel in their areas.


To be a reliable supplier in the comprehensive supply of raw materials for manufacturing products and services, where our customers get the greatest benefit possible in order to establish excellent long-term business relationships.

Core Values

  • Commitment and passion:

We add effort, emotion, and perseverance with a firm belief in consistency and reliability. Our conviction extends to the good of our customers, investors, and organization for global growth.

  • Integrity and honesty:

We are honest in our actions, personal and professional, because such are our principles..

  • Justice and equity:

We are fair in our interactions, and ensure that our interests never harm those we serve or those who serve us.

  • Recognition of diversity and respect for the individual:

Rooted in a culture of diversity, we reinforce the conviction that each person is unique, in thought, word and action, and we care to interpret and serve always respecting that diversity.

  • Initiative and relish challenges:

We are competitive not only as a company, but also in our philosophy and spirit, so our attitude is always positive and proactive.

  • Quality and excellence:

We are not exhausted in our efforts to improve ourselves as members of a team and in the service we offer.

  • Creativity:

We look for and even create ways to respond to a demand or provide solutions to increase our response capacity by overcoming each obstacle.

  • Teamwork:

Our vision is to be collaborative, among the members of GTS, as well as with our clients because we believe that by complementing and supporting each other we will achieve the best results.

  • Flexibility and adaptation:

we adapt to new situations and circumstances, in terms of time, demands of the process, physical space, work styles, changes in the market.

You need to import or export safely?

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